Cinema DSLR Hire | Cheap DSLR hire Manchester | Camera hire | DEDO lights | Canon 5D MK3 | ARRI Fresnels | Canon 7D | £30 per day

From £30 per day Cinema Lens Hire offers HD DSLR's and lenses at extremely competitive prices.
Catering for personal and corporate shoots you wont find better prices in Manchester.

Now in Stock :- DEDO Light Kit and ARRI Fresnel lighting kit.

• Canon 7D • Canon 60D • Canon 5D mk3 • Lenses

• ARRI Fresnels• Sachtler Tripod • Monitors • Kino Flo• Audio Recorders

•Dedo Lights • Carl Zeiss Lenses • Cheap Prices

• Guaranteed Cheapest day rates in Manchester

DSLR's have revolutionised the way indie filmmakers shoot. With the addition of video mode, you can now get the professional picture at the price you can afford.

Rentals from £30 (incl VAT) per day you can take away everything you need to shoot your short film, corporate job or personal project.